Who We Are

wall art at ISFC

The Ivy Street Family Centre is a little oasis of warmth and fun in the City. We provide a welcoming and relaxing space for children and their carers where everyone can makes friends. We welcome parents, childminders, nannies, grandparents and anyone else looking after under fives. There is plenty for the toddlers to play with and the kettle is always on for a cuppa for you!

” I love this place, its always so welcoming. I’m not sure what I’d do without Ivy Street. My child loves it here and I’ve made some life long friends.”

We love to welcome new people to our little community so come along and give us a try!

“Being a young mum I was so nervous about going to a playgroup, but as soon as I walked into Ivy Street I felt relaxed. Over the years I’ve learned a lot and made some good friends. The staff are so welcoming and I never felt they judged me for being so young. We all learned from each other and I really miss it now mine are at school!”


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